My first post

I am tired. This is a first time post. I want to develop the practice of writing daily but it’s frustrating. Why? Well, I have all kinds of ideas in my head about articles to write but I don’t have the time. I have a specific website that I want to create as well, one focused on building an online breastfeeding peer network business. But I also have ideas to write about all the time. Now that I am sitting down, finally, to write on day one, at 9:00pm on a Wednesday, where have all the ideas gone? Long time pontificating. Where have all the ideas gone? Long day has passed….

I am sure that they will come back to me at some point. Somewhere. But for the moment. Hmmmm…..

What I can say so far on day one here is that the message is in the marketing. No one is going to see this post or possibly even this particular site, so it makes it all the easier to write something, to say, blah, blah, blah. But it doesn’t help with my real problem at hand which is figuring out how to set up a serious page for serious use. That’s the next step for tonight. I am going to spend another 20 minutes on that.